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kinetic light and sound installation

Kinetic Storytelling

The spatial installation GLOBAL SOUND SPHERE brings to life the great richness of soundscapes from our planet through the irregular movement of a spherical object. This object not only projects a moving beam of light across the installation space but also determines the selection, arrangement and playback of sounds in space.


The installation is connected to the extensive and ever-growing online-database RADIO APOREE and thereby has access to almost 30.000 recordings from more than 25.000 locations on earth. The determination of the respective search- coordinates is enabled by a motion, direction and orientation sensor integrated within the spherical object at the centre of the space. This sensor also controls the spatial distribution of the sound via eight loudspeakers hidden in the corners of the space. A small display which is attached to the installation table shows information about the search request. The visitor can read about the exact location, time, title and author of the simultaneously presented soundscape.


acrylglass, PLA-filament, led, batteries, microcomputer, 9DOF motion sensor, wireless transmitter

Installation Corpus

mdf, wood, dc-motor, nylon strings, contact-microphone

Installation System

computer, 8 channel sound, internet, screen with animation for current sound information (artist, location etc.)

Special thanks go to Udo Noll of Radio Aporee for his kind support.